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At the Desk of: Whitney Rodgers, Dateline Associate Producer

Dateline sat down At the Desk Of Whitney Rodgers, an associate producer on this week's Dateline episode.

Whitney Rodgers is an associate producer on this Friday's episode with Josh Mankiewicz, The Pink Gun Mystery. We sat down with her to get the inside scoop. (Whitney's responses have been edited for time and clarity.)

Dateline: Hey, Whitney, have a second?

Whitney Rodgers, Associate Producer: Yep!

Dateline: Alright. We know you’re working on this Friday’s Dateline. We have a few questions.

Whitney: Alright, shoot.

Dateline: How did Dateline learn about the case in this Friday’s report?

Whitney: This story -- it actually happened many years ago in Amarillo, Texas. And the producer for this story, Karen Israel, had been following it through local media, and then started a letter exchange with an inmate who is involved in this story. And that letter exchange ended up becoming a large part of that story, which you’ll find out when you watch it.

Dateline: Without giving anything away, tell us a bit about the story.

Whitney: It happened in Amarillo, Texas in 2014. And this is a classic Dateline where you have love, betrayal and, of course, there’s murder.

Dateline: What was the most unusual location you filmed at for this episode?

Whitney: In Amarillo, Texas, there is a really cool -- I guess it’s kind of a monument, sculpture garden-- it’s called Cadillac Ranch. We did some filming there where you can see these Cadillacs coming out of the ground. It’s a cool thing to see and a cool little landmark in Amarillo.

Dateline: What is the one clue we should be on the lookout for?

Whitney: Well, pretty sure that the most important thing here is the pink gun. It’s in the title.

Dateline: What’s the best thing about working on one of Josh's stories?

Whitney: Josh is always really fun and he’s like really great to work with as far as, you know, the team. Like he gets involved and jokes with everyone. So, I think that he, like all of our correspondents, is just a really cool guy.