#DontDriveAlone: Keith Morrison Is a New Guest Voice on Waze App

Your commute just got a little more interesting. And you asked for it…

As a 25th anniversary Valentine's Day present to Dateline NBC fans, we've partnered with traffic and navigation app Waze to make Keith Morrison a limited-edition voice guide!

Keith's voice will be available to navigate your journeys on Waze starting February 14 and continuing through April 2. He'll safely guide you around the mysteries of traffic and construction, and help you avoid all those pesky potholes.

#DontDriveAlone: Guess who the new guest voice of the Waze app is 1:14

To get Keith's voice, first download the Waze app here:

Then, go to your Settings inside the app, hit Voice Directions and scroll down to Keith Morrison.

Josh Mankiewicz was kind enough to walk Keith through downloading his voice. It could help you too!

How do you get Keith Morrison's voice on the Waze App? Let us show you 0:36

After your drive, send us a review on Twitter using #DontDriveAlone.

Safe travels!