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Eric's Art

Eric Sadowsky’s has been drawing since he was 3 years old.
/ Source: NBC News

Eric Sadowsky has been drawing since he was three years old.

His mother, Mary Clancy, says that before he could speak, he could draw. Even now, Eric uses his art to express his feelings. Mary says that when she and her husband Richard know something’s bothering Eric but he can’t find the words, they look at what he’s drawing.

Eric uses a technique called contour line drawing, where his pen never leaves the page. If he makes a mistake, he throws the entire drawing away and starts over. As an artist herself, Mary says this is an unusual and rare method of art, and one that Picasso and Matisse used.

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Eric also has a photographic memory and all of his drawings are from his memories. Each drawing has meaning. For instance, in the Dateline “On the Brink" report, Eric shows correspondent Kate Snow a drawing he did of various beverages. Mary explains that it’s actually a family portrait; each person in the drawing is represented by his or her favorite drink. Eric is the orange juice; Mary is tea.

Pam Rogers, Director of Eric’s program at Pure Vision Arts, notes that Eric’s art has a very graphic and pop art feel to it. His favorite color, she says, is blue.

To learn more about Pure Vision Arts and see more of Eric's artwork, you can visit their website at