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Father fights for justice in murder of son Brian Teague who was found stabbed to death at his Tennessee home 14 years ago

Brian Teague was found stabbed to death on October 14, 2005, at his home near Finley, Tennessee. His wife spoke to him on the phone before leaving her shift at Pizza Hut. She arrived home to find his body. The Dyer County Sheriff’s Office is investigating.

Brian Teague, 30, and his dad, Jim, had a strong bond. They spent their days together running an equipment rental business in Dyersburg, Tennessee. On October 14, 2005, that all changed.

Jim told Dateline it started out as a typical fall day and after working until about 5 p.m., he closed the store and headed to a cookout. Brian left for his home in nearby Finley, Tennessee.

“I was at that cookout with my wife when I got the call,” Jim said. “It was some guy who asked, ‘Are you Brian Teague’s dad?’ I told him yes. And he said, ‘You need to come to his house. You need to come to his house right now.’ It was an unusual request, I thought. I asked why and when he told me he’d pass the phone to a police officer, I knew something was wrong.”

Jim and his wife, Alice, jumped in the car and rushed over to Brian’s house.

“There were police cars and ambulances and sirens. Something was going on -- something was bad,” Jim said. “At first I thought it was Brian’s wife, but when I met one of the emergency guys, he said, ‘We have a male inside without a pulse.’ It was downhill from there.”

Brian and his wife, Jane, had been married for about seven years, Jim told Dateline. The couple did not have children. Jim said they had a good marriage, a happy marriage.

Jane worked at the local Pizza Hut and often brought home food for Brian after her shift. Jim told Dateline she had called and spoken to Brian just before leaving the restaurant that evening.

When she arrived at their home on Highway 104 around 6:30 p.m., she made a gruesome discovery. Brian was dead in the bedroom. He had been stabbed multiple times, authorities said.

Deputies with the Dyer County Sheriff's Office secured the area and began to process the scene. The sheriff at the time, Jeff Holt, also contacted the Tennessee Bureau of Investigation Mobile Crime Unit in Nashville and a team arrived on the scene to collect evidence.

Chief Investigator Terry McCreight, who was originally assigned to Brian’s case, and continues to work it, told Dateline authorities believe robbery was the motive behind Brian’s murder.

Jim Teague told Dateline his son was senselessly murdered and he’s frustrated that the people who did it are still on the loose.

“Those people… they’re not even people… they’re just.. I don’t know,” Jim said. “All they wanted was the money. They knew Brian had money in a lockbox and when Brian resisted, they stabbed him. They killed my son.”

Investigator McCreight told Dateline there are two suspects in question, but he would not provide additional details.

“The case is still active at this time,” McCreight said.

After 14 years, the family just wants justice.

“Brian didn’t deserve this,” Jim said about his son. “He was just a great guy. Everybody loved him. He was the kind of person who would give you the shirt off his back if you needed it.”

Jim said Brian was the kind of guy people just liked to be around. He loved music and played in countless bands over the years.

Fifteen of his pallbearers were either former or current bandmates, Jim told Dateline.

“We still stay in contact with some of those kids,” Jim said.

Family and friends have raised money, increasing the reward money to $15,000 for information leading to the arrest and conviction of those responsible for Brian’s murder.

“We just need answers,” Jim said. “We’re never going to stop fighting.”

If you have any information regarding Brian Teague’s case, please contact Dyer County Sheriff's Investigator Terry McCreight at 731-445-3082 or by email at You can also contact Crime Stoppers of Dyer County at 731-285-TIPS.