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Watch the Dateline episode, "The Killer on Camera 4" now

Dennis Murphy reports.

It was early afternoon on Thursday, November 30th, 2017. 

A police officer arrived at Baltimore firefighter Jon Hickey’s apartment for a wellness check.

He hadn’t been answering his calls or messages, and had not shown up for a date with his girlfriend, Jennifer McKay. 

Jennifer was concerned… This wasn’t like Jon. 

When first responders arrived, they discovered a terrible scene. 

Jon was found dead on the couch. He had been shot. 

No one could make sense of it. 

Who would want to kill a man who spent so much of his time helping others? 

Finding that out would take Jon Hickey’s family down a dark path, revealing long held secrets, and a stunning piece of evidence...

To see the full story, watch the episode, “The Killer on Camera 4” on Peacock now. 

You can also watch on the NBC app or listen to it on our podcast.

After you finish the episode, watch Jon Hickey’s family and fellow firemen remember him as a dedicated and loyal man. 

Plus, listen to Talking Dateline with Josh Mankiewicz and Dennis Murphy, in which they discuss the making of this episode.