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Watch the Dateline episode “Sound and Fury” now

Stephanie Gosk reports.

It was 6 a.m., November 23rd, 2014.

A 911 call rattled the pre-dawn stillness of a quiet Atlanta suburb.

The caller said he had raced home after his home security company notified him about a possible break-in.

He had found his wife dead in their home. 

The frantic man on the line was Andre Pugh, a well-known DJ in Atlanta’s hip-hop club scene.

His wife, Tiffany, had been shot once in the chest, and once in her eye. Execution-style.

Tiffany’s loved ones were devastated by the news of her murder. They remembered her as a dedicated mother, friend and colleague.

Tiffany’s murder would lead to an investigation like no other for authorities.

And when the killer finally came into focus, no one could believe it…

To find out what happened, watch the full episode “Sound and Fury” on Peacock now.

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 Plus, learn about the unsolved murder of DJ Nando.

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