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Interactive: Examine the cases featured in Season 2 of Dateline: Missing in America

Click through this interactive map for photos and more information about the cases featured in Season 2.

This interactive map features the six cases covered in Season 2 of the Dateline: Missing in America podcast. Please take a moment to select the red location pins to learn more about each person featured and look through their pictures to see if you may know something that can help bring solve their case. You can also look at the cases featured in Season 1 by clicking on the black location pins.

Since Dateline’s online ‘Missing in America’ series began in late 2013, we’ve featured more than 450 cases.

40% of the people featured are still missing.

This map below is not interactive, but provides a visual glance at the scope of the still-unresolved cases.

Click here to read the cases featured in our digital series. And if you have a case you’d like to alert Dateline to, you can submit that here.

EDITOR'S NOTE: This article has been updated to include the cases featured in Season 2.