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McNeice Family Statement

Read a statement from the daughter of the alleged alternate suspect, Neil McNeice.

We believe justice has prevailed and we hope this brings closure for the Triano family and the Tucson community. The last several months have been extremely difficult on our family as a result of the defense's attempts to divert blame away from Ms. Phillips and onto our father Neil, a man who is no longer with us, and therefore unable to defend himself against the erroneous accusations and statements they made. We have watched in utter disbelief and sadness as Neil’s name was linked to a trial that, as we have maintained all along, had nothing to do with him. During the trial we had to relive the loss of a truly beloved man through not only those accusations, but also by the release of images of our father that we as a family had never seen before. We are, however, extremely grateful for the family and friends that have supported us through this difficult time. We look forward to moving beyond this trial as a family.