Meet Dan Slepian, Producer of 13 Alibis

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By Dateline NBC

Dan Slepian is an award-winning investigative journalist at NBC News and a veteran producer of its signature newsmagazine, Dateline NBC.

Dan Slepian, Investigative Producer

Over the course of two decades at NBC, Slepian has spearheaded dozens of documentaries, complex hidden-camera investigations, and breaking news reports. Slepian is primarily known for his in-depth reporting on the criminal justice system. Referred to as “A TV News Gumshoe” by The New York Times, Slepian’s reporting has helped exonerate several wrongfully convicted inmates. His documentaries on the topic have earned him a total of eight Emmy nominations. In 2018, he was granted exclusive access to film rapper Meek Mill on the day of his highly-publicized and unexpected release from prison. Slepian graduated from the State University of New York at Stony Brook, where he currently serves on the Journalism School’s professional advisory board.