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Meet NBC News' Jeff Rossen!

Learn more about NBC News' Jeff Rossen, whose premiere Dateline undercover investigation on carnival games and air conditioning repairmen airSunday, August 19th, at 7pm/6c.

Hi, my name is:  Jeff Rossen. My friends call me Jeff Rossen.

When I first came across this story, I thought:   As I was shooting the investigation on air conditioning repairmen, I
thought to myself, "I hope they're honest" because my a/c at home broke that same day. I had repairmen responding to my real house at the exact time I was watching us getting charged for unnecessary repairs on-camera at our TV house. I called home and said, "Run all repairs by me before agreeing to it!" 

My inspiration(s) in telling this story: Helping people. I try to pick topics we all face. I love when people tell me our story changed the way they think.

The most memorable words I heard: "We'd like you to be on Dateline" :)

What still surprises me about this story: I can't believe people still cheat people and pretend everything is OK. 

Biggest challenge while doing this story: Shooting undercover at the carnival was hard. We had a large team with us, all wearing hidden cameras to show every angle. Since we were always on the move, it was like a ballet. 

In a word, this is really a Dateline story about: Power

Last but not least, in general, I wish: Everyone who watches will be more vigilant when dealing with repairmen and carnivals. 

How do I Dateline? I watch live at home on Fridays and Sundays because I don't have much of a social life.

If you would like to submit any investigative stories to Jeff Rossen, please visit 'Rossen Reports'