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Sister hoping for answers four years after pregnant Jasmine Robinson vanished in Archer, Florida 

The 23-year-old was six months pregnant when she vanished.  

“She was just a sweet person with a kind heart,” Shantavia Robinson told Dateline. “[She] was, you know, my best friend — she was my everything.”

It’s been four years since Shantavia’s younger sister, Jasmine Robinson, vanished from Archer, Florida. The 23-year-old was six months pregnant. “[We] haven’t had a chance to see the baby — see Jasmine again, nothing,” Shantavia said.

According to Shantavia, she and Jasmine grew up in Archer. “It’s the country,” she said. “It’s -- really not much to do.”

Despite the lack of activities, Shantavia said her baby sister was able to find something she truly loved to do. “She liked to play basketball,” Shantavia said. “She got a nickname ‘Beezy’ in Florida from the high school,” Shantavia told Dateline. “Beezy playing basketball.”

Jasmine Robinson young
Jasmine Robinson youngShantavia Robinson

Shantavia told Dateline that she and Jasmine are extremely close. She said the two last spoke on February 18, 2019 -- just one day before Jasmine disappeared.

Shantavia said that Jasmine had just returned home from her job at McDonald’s. “We was video chatting,” Shantavia recalled. “She wasn’t, you know, in, like, a very happy mode.” Shantavia did not say what was bothering her sister but said, “She didn’t seem all that OK.”

The next day, Jasmine was gone.

According to Shantavia, Jasmine was living with their grandmother in Archer at the time and it was extremely unlike her to just go off without telling anyone. “[My grandmother] didn’t see her all day,” Shantavia said. “She’ll normally let you know she’s leaving or where she’s going and stuff like that.” But Jasmine was nowhere to be found.

What was also strange, Shatavia said, is that Jasmine missed an important appointment. “The next day, I believe, she had a doctor’s appointment,” Shantavia said. “She never made it.”

Shantavia told Dateline that her family immediately began searching for Jasmine. “We was calling her phone and got no answer,” she said. “We looked and we searched and we still came up with nothing.”

Shantavia reported her sister missing to the Alachua County Sheriff’s Office.

Dateline spoke with Alachua County detective Chris Weitzel, who said Jasmine was reported missing to their office on February 20, 2019. Based on their investigation, Jasmine was last seen at her grandmother’s house on February 18, 2019. “Her family members didn’t even realize that she had left during the night,” Det. Weitzel said. “They don’t know who she left with when she left.” He added that Jasmine did not have a car.

According to Det. Weitzel, Jasmine left all of her belongings behind — the only thing missing was her phone. “There’s been no social media activity on her, no cellular activity, no financial activity since the date of her disappearance,” he said.

Detective Weitzel said Jasmine had gotten into an argument with someone earlier in the day on February 18, although he would not reveal who else was involved. “We do believe that possibly is related to her disappearance,” he said.

The detective told Dateline his office does suspect foul play and that they have “several persons of interests” in the case.

Every year, on the anniversary of Jasmine’s disappearance, the Alachua County Sheriff’s Office posts a video about her case on its Facebook page.

“We are still interviewing people — still requesting tips,” Det. Weitzel told Dateline. “[We’re] just hoping someone will come forward and do the right thing.”

Shantavia told Dateline that while she doesn’t know what happened to her baby sister, she is hoping for the best. “One thing we wish for — is that her and the baby are still alive,” she said. Shantavia said that Jasmine already had a name picked out for the baby. “She knew it was a girl,” Shantavia said. “The baby name was Jamillia.” Her due date was May 10, 2019.

Jasmine is 5’2,” 150 lbs., and had her hair styled with locs at the time of her disappearance. Jasmine would be 27 years old today. Her daughter, Jamillia, would be nearly 4.

Jasmine Robinson
Jasmine RobinsonShantavia Robinson

The Alachua County Sheriff’s Office is offering a $10,000 reward for any information that leads to the arrest of anyone responsible for Jasmine’s disappearance.

Anyone with information about Jasmine’s disappearance should call Det. Chris Weitzel at 352-367-4161. To remain anonymous, contact Alachua County Crime Stoppers Inc 352-372-STOP(7867).