Reporter's Notebook: Keith Morrison on "The Wire"

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Torrance, California

You would hardly think a single Los Angeles suburb would be the source for several complex Dateline stories, but...

Our story about the cold case investigation into the 1979 murder of Canadian nurse Lynne Knight is our fourth in Torrance, California.

The reason we go back again and again? Simple.

Deputy DA John Lewin and his frequent collaborator, the cold case detective Jim Wallace.

18 years ago, these two went through all the unsolved cases in Torrance and set about trying to solve them - or at least as many as they could.

They took with them Lewin's love of truly complex circumstantial cases, and Wallace's relentlessly analytic mind.

And, one by one, they have closed case after case, giving the family members of murder victims the answers they'd been seeking for years. Some, decades.

The Lynne Knight case was probably the toughest one of all. Year after year, despite Wallace's best efforts, it resisted solution.

But this one mattered - a lot. And not just for Lynne's long suffering Canadian family.

This was Detective Jim Wallace's last case.

And he was determined to bring a 35 year mystery to an end... in a courtroom showdown between the DA who loves tough case... and one of the most famous defense attorneys in the land.

As for why we call it "The Wire"... that will be obvious... from the very beginning.