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Joseph was truly the kindest, most intelligent, most gracious man that I had ever met, and I loved him dearly. He made this world a brighter place with his presence. There is a space in my heart that can never, nor will ever, be filled by anyone else.

The thought of Joseph being murdered in such a vicious, cruel, and incredibly evil way was almost more than I could bear. Learning that it was at the hands of Mike Dixon and David Shepard -- two men that Joseph had never met, did not know in any capacity, and had done no harm to -- sent me over the edge. I cannot fully express the depth of the despair and grief that I felt, the anger towards Dixon and Shepard, and anger with myself for ever having been involved with a man that I know now to be a sociopath. I didn't know it, I didn't see any red flags, I didn't see it coming, but in the end, evil followed me right to Joseph's door.

My heart goes out to the families of everyone who has been touched by this senseless and horrific crime, but especially to the Sonnier family. Nothing that I can say to you will ever make things right in your world again. However, I offer my prayers of healing, hope, peace, and light to you all.

Richelle Shetina