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Texas family worried about Roy Anderson Jr. who was last seen in Wyoming nearly a month ago

Roy D. Johnson, 37, of Harker Heights, Texas, was last seen by an employee at the Laramie Regional Airport in Laramie, Wyoming on August 4, 2020. His suitcase was later found unclaimed. Roy was not seen again. Roy’s family said his Chase bank account was accessed a few days later, on August 9, in Denver, Colorado, but it is not yet known if that transaction was made by him. Most of his personal belongings were in his suitcase except for his wallet and cell phone. The Laramie Police Department in Wyoming is investigating.

A Texas man who is mentally disabled has been missing for nearly a month and his family is worried about his safety.

Roy Anderson Jr.
Roy Anderson Jr.Contributed by Anderson family.

Roy D. Anderson Jr., 37, was reportedly last seen by at the Laramie Regional Airport in Laramie, Wyoming on August 4, 2020, according to his family. Steve Morgan, Public Safety Answering Point (PSAP) administrator and PIO for the Laramie Police Department, told Dateline they are still piecing together information to find out when and where he was last seen.

August 4 was also the last time anyone in Roy’s family had contact with him. His family told Dateline that Roy and his brother Steven texted and that Roy told him he was in Wyoming. The brother told his family that Roy seemed fine and nothing seemed wrong.

Roy lives in Harker Heights, Texas, but is known to take bus trips to different areas, mainly Pine Bluff, Arkansas, where some of his family lives.

Roy and his sister, Lakeisha Anderson.
Roy and his sister, Lakeisha Anderson.Contributed by Anderson family.

Roy’s younger sister, Lakeisha V. Anderson, told Dateline that Roy was first reported missing by his neighbor when she didn’t hear from him as promised in the days after they spoke on August 4 when he was in Wyoming.

“We’re not sure why he was at the airport,” Lakeisha said. “He usually just takes a bus, so we’re not sure what prompted him to just fly to Wyoming. We don’t even know anyone there.”

Roy’s suitcase was left unclaimed at the airport and eventually sent back to his family in Harker Heights, Steve Morgan told Dateline.

His family’s concern grew when they opened Roy’s suitcase. Most of his personal effects were inside except his wallet and his cell phone. His charger was still in the suitcase.

His sister told Dateline that the phone, which is “pay as you go,” has been turned off since he disappeared.

The family also found old bus tickets and receipts for a previous stay at a hotel in Kansas City, Missouri in the suitcase.

Roy’s sister and mother, Brenda Anderson, told Dateline that they worked with the police and with Roy’s bank, Chase, to track his movements.

They said they discovered his bank account was accessed on August 9, 2020, in Denver, Colorado, a few days after he was last seen. Lakeisha told Dateline the Denver Police Department is working to obtain security footage to determine if the transaction was made by Roy. She added that they discovered there was no more money in Roy’s bank account. Dateline reached out to the Denver Police, but had not heard back by Tuesday.

“We’re just waiting at this point,” Lakeisha said. “It’s just been so long since we’ve heard from him and it doesn't make sense. He would’ve found a way to contact us by now.”

Lakeisha said her family has grown even more worried because they believe Roy may be off the medication that helps with what they say is PTSD suffered after spending five years in Afghanistan as a contract worker for the military. Roy also needs medication for diabetes.

“He needs his medication,” Roy’s mother Brenda told Dateline. “When he’s on his medication, he’s the Roy we know. So without it, we don’t know what could happen. We’re all just so worried about him.”

Brenda described her son as a sweet, caring man who would give anyone the shirt off his back if they needed it.

“He saw the good in everyone, wasn’t afraid of anything or anyone and was always willing to lend a helping hand,” Brenda said. “But I’m afraid he crossed the wrong person and something bad happened.”

Brenda told Dateline she last spoke to her son on June 28.

“He was planning to go to my hometown, Pine Bluff, Arkansas, to see family, but I begged him not to go,” Brenda said. “I didn’t want him traveling because of this coronavirus. But he said it was fine. He didn’t let anything stop him.”

Brenda said her son was constantly reading books about interesting places in nearby states and on a whim would get on a bus to see them for himself.

“I feel like he read about Wyoming and just wanted to go visit,” Brenda said. “But it’s been a month and there’s no sign of him and he hasn’t even tried to contact us. He would at least be in touch with me, his brother or his best friend. But nothing. That’s what worries us.”

Roy’s sister Lakiesha told Dateline she continues to put her brother’s name and picture out on social media, along with the hashtag #FindRoyJr in the hope that someone who has seen him will come forward. She posts daily updates on her Twitter @LetToriTellit.

On August 18, Lakeisha posted about one of her favorite pastimes with her brother -- celebrating her birthday over garlic parm wings at Pluckers.

“He's missing now and this year for my birthday all I want is another bday with him over wings,” the post stated. “Please help me #FindRoyJr.”

Roy’s disappearance is being investigated by the Laramie Police Department, along with help from law enforcement officials in Texas and Colorado. Authorities urge anyone who may have seen him to call the Laramie Police Department or their local law enforcement agency.

“Any information could help us,” Lakeisha said. “Just please help us bring my brother home.”

Roy is described as being approximately 5’5” tall and weighing between 250-260 pounds. His sister said that without access to money for a haircut and shave, it’s possible he has more facial hair right now.

Anyone with information on Roy’s whereabouts, or anyone who has talked with him recently, is asked to contact the Laramie Police Department at (307) 721-2526

UPDATE: According to Roy's sister Lakeisha Anderson, Roy was returned home safe on Saturday, September 5.