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Who's Who in The Thing About Helen & Olga

Meet the people in Dateline NBC's podcast, The Thing About Helen & Olga.

Meet the people featured in The Thing About Helen & Olga, Dateline's new original podcast series. To hear their stories, listen for free wherever you get your podcasts.

Helen Golay. 75-year-old who made a fortune in Southern California real estate before turning her attention to helping homeless men get off the street.

Olga Rutterschmidt. 73-year-old hard-charging immigrant from Hungary. Helen Golay’s indispensable partner in the mission to rescue homeless men.

Paul Vados. Widower who battled depression, loneliness and the bottle, following the death of his wife. Was living on the street, until he met Helen and Olga.

Kenneth McDavid. Talented and sensitive radio DJ who drifted away from his career and family. Was down-on-his-luck, until he met Helen and Olga.

Fred Downie. 96-year-old New Englander. Was befriended by Helen Golay’s daughter, Kecia, and accepted her invitation to move west and live out his days in the California sun at one of Helen’s properties.

Jimmy Covington. Homeless man with movie-star looks. Walked away from Helen and Olga’s generous offer of free food and rent.