Update: Lydia Tillman's Recovery in 2014

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We first interviewed Lydia Tillman in May 2012 and even then she had made a remarkable recovery from her horrific injuries. Since then, Lydia continues to make astonishing strides. In 2013 she started working part time, taking yoga classes, driving, traveling and living independently. She told us that “it’s good to be working again, but at times it’s exhausting and frustrating to be juggling brain injuries and work.”

Lydia continues to undergo speech therapy and her ability to speak fluently with an expanded vocabulary continues to improve at a rate no one ever expected. She has also worked with the Arvada, Colorado Police Department and helped them with teaching self-defense classes for women. Lydia says she talked to them about “staying calm in the face of danger and having no fear.”

In May of 2013 Lydia underwent major surgery on her jaw that has allowed her chew better and eat crunchy foods. Previously she had only been able to eat softer foods.

Perhaps most importantly Lydia's indomitable spirit and zest for life endures. Her road to recovery continues to amaze everyone, except of course Lydia who always expected to resume her full and active lifestyle.

For more information on Lydia, you can visit her Facebook page 'Friends of Lydia'.