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Plano Police have arrested Enrique Arochi, the man last seen with Christina Morris before she vanished on August 30th, 2014.

UPDATE (December 13th, 2014):

Officials from the Plano Police Department said Saturday that they have arrested Enrique Guiterrez Arochi in connection with the disappearance of Christina Morris.

Arochi, 24, has been charged with aggravated kidnapping and is being held on $1 million bail, according to local NBC affiliate NBCDFW. Police said there is no reason to believe Christina is not still alive, but the 23-year-old remains missing.

"This is good news, but it's not the news we are waiting for," Anna Morris, Christina's stepmother, said at a press conference shortly after the arrest was made. "This isn't over, we're not stopping, nothing's changed. Christina hasn't come home yet."

Arochi was the last person seen with Christina before she vanished on August 30th, 2014 after spending a night out with friends at a Plano shopping and dining development.

UPDATE (November 5th, 2014):

A search warrant released by the Plano Police Department on Tuesday, November 4th, concluded that the last man seen with Christina Morris before she disappeared lied to detectives multiple times, cleaned his car, and had what was described as a bite mark on his arm the morning after her disappearance.

Christina, 23, was last seen August 30th after spending a night out with friends at a Plano shopping and dining development. She was last seen walking into a parking garage at about 4:00 am that Saturday morning with acquaintance Enrique Arochi.

Police seized Enrique Arochi’s Camaro on September 26th in connection with the investigation, and according to the affidavit, police noted there was fresh damage to the vehicle’s front fender and the interior appeared to be recently vacuumed. Police also noted, "Arochi has made numerous false statements and omitted pertinent information," during the course of the investigation.

However, neither Arochi nor anyone else have been named a suspect or a person of interest in Morris’s disappearance. Carlos Quintanilla, an attorney for the Arochi family, said police told him the evidence does not necessarily mean a crime occurred.

Arochi sat down with local NBC affiliate NBCDFW last week and expressed his concern for Morris, saying he had no idea what happened to her after he split away from her to walk to his car at the Shops Legacy in Plano that night.

“I am afraid for my life because of all the threats… they are even threatening my family,” Arochi said.

If you have information about the case, please contact the Plano Police Department at (972) 424-5678.

For more information about this on-going Missing Person’s investigation, please visit local NBC affiliate NBCDRW’s website.


Christina Morris, 23, of Fort Worth, Texas has been missing since August 30th.

She was last seen on surveillance video around 4:00 AM at The Shops at Legacy in Plano, Texas, with a male friend. The pair was recorded walking into a parking garage together, before going to their respective cars. Christina’s silver Toyota Celica was later found nearby. Police say that despite being the last person seen with her before she disappeared, Christina’s friend has been very cooperative and is not considered a suspect.

After an exhaustive search of neighboring Allen, Texas, mainly conducted by police and local volunteers, a Texas-based nonprofit group called Equusearch joined the effort. In order to better navigate the wooded, uneven terrain, the group applied for permission from the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) to use drones to scan from above. The group had been denied permission for previous requests, but made the case that this time it was integral to the success of the search.

Group member, Gene Robinson, told local NBC affiliate KXAS drones can take photos from up to 400 feet above the woods and open fields, and that, “The images will be scanned, and [they can] see anything that shouldn’t belong in the pictures,” in an effort to find clues that may lead them to Christina.

According to KXAS, the FAA gave the group clearance on September 11th to use the unmanned aircrafts to assist them in the search for four days. However, the initial search did not produce any new information. At this time, Equusearch has suspended their investigation, pending further leads from Plano Police. On their website, they confirm that they will reactive their involvement when local police “obtain more credible and significant information” regarding Christina’s whereabouts.

Plano Police are asking anyone with information to contact them at (972) 424-5678. Christina is described as being 5’4”, weighing 100 lbs, with brown eyes and blonde hair.