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Watch the Dateline episode "The Bad Man" now

Andrea Canning reports.

It was February 19, 1982. A blanket of snow covered the ground of a quiet street in Brighton, New York.

Around 6:30 a.m., James Krauseneck, a businessman at Kodak, left his house and headed to work in downtown Rochester, New York.

His 3-year-old daughter, Sara, and his wife, Cathy, were still in bed.

Close friend Gloria Winkowski, planned to drive them to a doctor's appointment later that day.

But according to Gloria, when she called their house that day, there was no answer. By 5:00 p.m., she figured James had taken Cathy to the doctor instead.

Which is right around the time James arrived home and made a horrific discovery.

Cathy was dead.

James grabbed Sara and ran to the house across the street. His neighbor called 911 for him. She reported that she thought there had been a murder.

A police officer rushed to the scene. He made his way inside the house, unsure of what he might find.

The officer saw items on the ground in the dining room: A silver serving set and a woman’s purse with the contents spilled out.

He decided to go up the stairs and entered the main bedroom, where he found Cathy Krauseneck.

She had been murdered -- an ax in her head.

As Cathy’s family and friends tried to make sense of the horrible news, officers got to work investigating. They just didn’t know it would take so long to get answers...

To find out what happened to Cathy, watch the full episode, “The Bad Man.”

You can also watch on Peacock TV or listen to the podcast.

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