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Josh Mankiewicz reports.

Forty-eight-year-old attorney Susan Winters was found unconscious in her Henderson, Nevada home outside Las Vegas.

It was January 3, 2015.

Susan’s husband, Brent Dennis, performed chest compressions on her while their daughter was on the phone with 911.

When paramedics arrived, Brent explained to them that Susan suffered from depression and anxiety. He told them that Susan had threatened to kill herself.

Susan was rushed to the hospital.

Brent called Susan’s parents and told them the news – Susan had attempted suicide.

They were devastated. They knew Susan had suffered from depression but said that lately, her spirits had been high and she’d been making plans for the future.

The situation was grim and a few hours later, Susan was taken off life support.

Shortly after, Susan was pronounced dead.

Remembering Susan Winters

Oct. 7, 202202:55

Detective Chad Mitchell with the Henderson Police Department visited Susan’s home to look into her death.

Brent told him that Susan had previously threatened to kill herself.

He also showed the detective what he said he discovered on the family computer: Searches on how to commit suicide by drinking antifreeze.

And he showed him two bottles of antifreeze he said he had found in the garage.

An autopsy confirmed that Susan died from a lethal dose of antifreeze and the drug Oxycodone.

The manner of death was listed as suicide. Case closed.

Susan’s parents didn’t believe their daughter took her own life.

And they would do anything in their power to prove it.

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