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Keith Morrison reports.

44-year-old mother-of-two Stacy Feldman was a pillar of her community.

It was March 1, 2015.

The Feldmans planned on attending the Purim carnival at their synagogue.

Stacy's husband, Bob, said he dropped the kids off for religious school at 8:30 that morning. Then, the plan was for Stacy to pick the kids up at noon and take them to the carnival.

Pick-up time came and went and Stacy was still not there.

The school called Stacy, but she was not answering the phone. So the school called Bob who came to pick the children up to take them to the carnival.

Bob says he and the kids got home from the carnival around 3:00 p.m.

When they arrived, Bob said he heard water running upstairs. He said he found his wife, Stacy, collapsed in the shower.

Bob called 911. Paramedics arrived and attempted every life-saving measure, to no avail.

It was too late to save Stacy...

Those who knew Stacy describe her as down to earth, warm and friendly – someone who loved to bring people together.

At Stacy’s funeral, many friends and family members got up to share memories of the mother, sister, daughter and friend who was a bright light in their lives.

A couple of days after the funeral, Stacy’s sister, Susan, decided to spend some time at Stacy’s grave.

She wanted to say a private goodbye to her little sister.

Susan thought she was alone, but then a chill came over her.

And she could almost hear a voice... Stacy’s voice.

“Something’s not right,” the voice said to Susan. “You have to do something about this.”

Susan had been suspicious about Stacy’s death.

Perhaps Stacy’s autopsy would provide an explanation.

But two months later, Susan would have more questions than answers. The forensic pathologist who conducted the autopsy found dozens of scrapes and bruises, but ruled the case of death undetermined.

Denver Police homicide detective Randy Denison’s investigation came to a halt.

Susan couldn’t believe it. Her sister was young and healthy. How could she have just died in the shower?

So she kept pushing for the investigation to continue.

Detective Denison talked to Bob again and asked him to go over that cold day in March again one more time.

The detective thought Bob may have known more than he was letting on...

To find out what happened, watch the full episode, “The Sisterhood” now.

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