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Watch the Dateline episode "The Undoing" now

Josh Mankiewicz reports.

It was the middle of the night in June 2016. A woman called 911 and said she had been stabbed.

Paramedics and detectives rushed to the scene – an apartment complex in Gresham, Oregon. By the time Detective Aaron Turnage got there, the paramedics had already taken the woman to the hospital.

Her name was Annie Hester.

The detective took a look around the crime scene. He found bloody shoeprints left by the front door, which was unlocked. He also found three knives on the floor—a folding pocket knife, and two larger knives that looked to have come from the butcher block in Annie’s kitchen.

All signs pointed to an intense struggle between Annie and her attacker. While the detective was still looking around the crime scene, he got a call that Annie didn’t survive.

The autopsy revealed the 34-year-old had been stabbed more than 60 times, and some of the wounds were as deep as 8 inches.

Annie’s friends and family remember her as a thoughtful and loving mother, friend and colleague.

It was now up to Det. Turnage and his team at the Gresham Police Department to find Annie’s killer.

To find out what happened, watch the full episode, “The Undoing,” now.

After watching the episode, learn more from Detective Turnage about how investigators found key pieces of evidence in Annie’s murder in the Mount Hood National Forest.