Who's Who in 13 Alibis

Meet the people in Dateline NBC's podcast, 13 Alibis.
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By Dateline NBC

Meet the people featured in 13 Alibis, Dateline NBC's new original podcast. To hear their stories, listen to 13 Alibis for free wherever you get your podcasts.

Richard Rosario

Richard Rosario was convicted for the June 19th, 1996 Bronx murder of Jorge Collazo. Rosario was sentenced to 25 years to life.

Minerva Rosario

Minerva Rosario is Richard Rosario’s wife, and the mother of their two children. Minerva has stood by Richard for more than two decades.

Richard Rosario, Jr.

Richard Rosario’s son was two years old when his father was sent to prison. He and his sister Amanda grew up only knowing their father through phone calls and prison visits.

Amanda Rosario

Amanda Rosario was three when her father Richard Rosario was convicted or murder. She says growing up without her father at home was a struggle.

John Torres

John Torres is a friend of Richard Rosario and was one of his 13 alibi witnesses. John, currently a Palm Beach County Sheriff’s Deputy, says Richard was in his home in Florida on the day the murder took place in New York.

Jeannine Seda

Jeannine Seda is married to John Torres and was also one of Richard’s alibi witnesses. Jeannine says she only remembers Richard was in her home on the day of the murder because it was the same day she went into labor with her first child.

Fernando and Margarita Torres

Fernando and Margarita Torres are the parents of John Torres. Both say they saw Richard in Florida on the day before their grandson was born. Fernando is a pastor for his church.

Michael Serrano

Michael Serrano is a friend of the Torres family. Michael says he saw Richard Rosario at the Torres home the day they celebrated the birth of John and Jeannine’s baby. Today, Michael is a federal corrections officer.

Irwin "Silky" Silverman

Retired NYPD detective “Silky” Silverman was the investigator who interviewed Richard and took his statement of having 13 alibi witnesses. “Silky” was not the lead detective on the case, but says he thinks things were “left out” if those witnesses were never contacted.

Robert Davis

Robert Davis was one of two eyewitnesses who testified that Richard Rosario killed Jorge Collazo.

Bobby Addolorato

Bobby Addolorato, a retired NYPD homicide detective, was not involved with the original investigation, but worked in the Bronx and helped producer Dan Slepian better understand police procedure.

Charles Crueger

Charles Crueger is a retired NYPD detective who was part of the original investigation into Jorge Collazo’s murder.

Chip Lowenson

Chip Lowenson was one of Richard Rosario’s appellate attorneys who unsuccessfully sought his release years after his conviction. Chip has continued to fight for Richard and has become one of his most trusted advisors.

Rebecca Friedman

Rebecca Friedman was one of Richard Rosario’s appellate attorneys from the “Exoneration Initiative” who discovered important new evidence to help get Richard’s case back in court.

Glenn Garber

Glenn Garber was one of Richard Rosario’s appellate attorneys and founder of the “Exoneration Initiative."

Guanica Collazo

Guanica Collazo is the sister of Jorge Collazo. She says Jorge was the beloved baby brother of four older sisters. She believes Richard Rosario is guilty despite the alibi witness accounts.