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Who's Who in Motive for Murder

Meet the people in Dateline NBC's podcast, Motive for Murder.
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Meet the people featured in Motive for Murder, Dateline NBC's new original podcast series.

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Gelareh Bagherzadeh - Graduate student and political activist found murdered in the driveway of her family’s Houston townhome in January 2012.

Ebrahim Bagherzadeh & Monireh Zangeneh - Gelareh’s parents who emigrated to Texas from Iran years before their daughter’s murder.

Cory Beavers - Graduate student and Gelareh’s boyfriend at the time of her murder.

Coty Beavers - Twin brother of Gelareh’s boyfriend, Cory.

Nesreen Irsan - Friend and classmate of Gelareh, married to Coty Beavers.

Robeen Bandar - Friend who was on the phone with Gelareh when she was murdered.

Kathy Soltani - Friend of Gelareh, who became the Bagherzadeh family advocate after the murder.

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