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Fake 'Man of Steel 2' trailer may make you love Ben Affleck as Batman 

Image: Ben Affleck

In a case of being gifted with exactly what you never knew you needed, a new fake trailer for "Man of Steel 2" has landed on the Internet, and is already proving to be more compelling than whatever film Ben Affleck's detractors have been playing in their minds.

Since being named the next Batman, set to star in the 2015 sequel to this summer's Superman blockbuster, Affleck has been the subject of incredible Internet consternation. This masterful edit, which not only offers up Affleck but also a generous dose of "Breaking Bad's" Bryan Cranston as Lex Luthor, gives fanboys and girls alike something very interesting to contemplate. 

A creation from Solyentbrak1 on YouTube, bits from 20 different sources are mashed together and set to a thunderous score made from two Hans Zimmer musical pieces.

With clips of Affleck from "Daredevil" (calm down) and "State of Play," we get our first impression of the actor as Bruce Wayne. "Justice doesn't discriminate," he says. "It comes as cold and bracing, leaving you with a chill you can't shake."

We can't shake the idea that now that we've seen a fake glimpse of where this could go, we want to see much more.