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Watch this little movie about movies showing up in movies

Image: \"Shawshank Redemption\"

We know Hollywood loves itself and the entertainment it puts out into the world. But have you ever stopped to picture how many times people at the movies show up in actual movies?

A new supercut from Slacktory does a fantastic job of putting into focus all the times motion pictures have relied on movie-theater settings as plot devices. (Watch out for a couple F bombs.)

The video opens with shots of famous marquees in movies, and transitions to ticket-buying scenes, scenes of movie watchers, movie makeout sessions, mayhem in theaters, projector operators, and finally, faces of those entranced by the art of cinema. The final minute wraps up beautifully with "You Are My Lucky Star," sung by Bing Crosby and Debbie Reynolds in "Singin' in the Rain."

Nearly 150 movie clips are used over the course of 5:45, and the film titles along with the music are sourced on Youtube. Highlights include:

  • Woody Allen talking directly to the audience while in line in "Annie Hall."
  • Johnny Depp running down the aisle in "Ed Wood."
  • Patricia Arquette spilling her popcorn on Christian Slater in "True Romance."
  • Robert De Niro flicking his fingers in front of his eyes in "Taxi Driver" and smoking and laughing way too loud in "Cape Fear."
  • Faye Dunaway telling Warren Beatty to "shhhh!" in "Bonnie and Clyde."
  • Audrey Tautou staring at the screen in wide-eyed delight in "Amélie."

Forget, for a moment, grumbling about the cost of a ticket or the guy on his cell phone behind you. This video serves as a great reminder of how much joy we actually get from going to the movies -- at least in the minds of those drawing us there.