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Case of Missing Washington Mother of Two Nancy Moyer Unsolved Eight Years Later

Why would a dedicated mother of two disappear?
Nancy Moyer
Nancy MoyerThurston County Sheriff's Office

Why would a dedicated mother of two disappear?

Nancy Moyer
Nancy MoyerThurston County Sheriff's Office

Foul play. That's what authorities believe happened when Nancy Moyer disappeared in Tenino, Washington, in 2009.

"Something bad happened, we know that," Sgt. Cameron Simper, of the Thurston County Sheriff's Office, told Dateline. "What that is, we are still trying to figure out."

The last time anyone saw Nancy, who was 36 at the time, was when she was on her way home from work on March 6, 2009. She had spent more than a decade working as a financial analyst for the Washington State Department of Ecology. She reportedly drove a co-worker home, stopped by a market to buy a few things, then headed home.

The alarm wasn't sounded for three days, though, when her estranged husband, Bill, came by to drop their two girls off on March 9. According to Thurston County officials, he found the front door of the house open, the TV left on and a half glass of wine on the coffee table. Nancy's car was parked in her driveway. Her purse, wallet and keys were inside the home.

Flyers were hung, searches conducted, and Nancy's face led the evening news several times. It was from one of those news reports that Nancy's childhood friend, Ericka Kennedy-Plogmann, found out she was missing.

"I was at work and saw her face on the news," recalled Ericka. "I said, 'No, not Nancy. It can't be true.' But there was her beautiful face."

Ericka told Dateline the last time she saw Nancy, she seemed happy. She ran into Nancy and her husband Bill at a local thrift store in Tenino. They spoke briefly, and everything seemed to be going well for her friend.

"I thought Nancy has it all. A great job, great husband, great kids," Ericka told Dateline. "I was jealous."

Nancy and Bill would soon split up. But if things weren't perfect behind the scenes, Nancy didn't hint at it in their conversation.

Whatever happened to Nancy, Ericka believes Nancy wouldn't have gone quietly. "She didn't take crap from guys, so she probably put up a good fight on her attacker," she told Dateline.

Whoever that attacker may have been remains a mystery. There was no obvious indications of a struggle or break-in at Nancy's home. Some questioned if her estranged husband could have had a hand in it, but investigators do not consider him a suspect. The two had an amicable breakup and were friendly, sharing custody of their girls.

Nancy hadn't mentioned any new romantic relationships or upcoming dates to anyone. She hadn't been complaining about anyone bothering her. She was simply living her life and raising her girls.

Authorities have questioned a number of individuals in connection with the case. Sgt. Simper told Dateline the case is still open and active, but there hasn't been a credible tip in some time.

"Whenever something is called in, it's investigated as far as we can run it," he said. "But as time has gone on, fewer tips have been called in."

It is possible that Nancy is alive out there somewhere. But because there has been no activity on her bank accounts or credit cards, and her social security number hasn't popped up since, that possibility is extremely slim, officials said.

There was some buzz when another young mother disappeared, and was later found murdered, after allegedly going on a date. But the man arrested in connection with that case is not considered a suspect in Nancy's.

Authorities do believe Nancy met with some type of foul play and did not disappear on her own.

"From what we gathered, it was extremely unlike her to disappear," Sgt. Simper said. "Whatever happened, we don't believe she left on her own."

It's been eight years, but perhaps this will be the year they mystery is cracked. At least that's what Nancy's childhood friend Ericka is hoping.

"I know her mother wants closure, wants to bring Nancy to their church for a service," Ericka told Dateline. "I truly do hope they get to do that. And hope that whoever did this faces justice."

Anyone with information regarding Nancy's case is urged to call the Thurston County Sheriff’s Office at (360) 786-5279.