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Pamela Gay Jones disappeared more than 21 years ago in Apache Junction, Arizona. The mother left to pick up her husband from work, but never returned.

Wife and mother Pamela Gay Jones disappeared more than 21 years ago in Apache Junction, Arizona. The mother of four left to pick up her husband from work on November 2nd, 1993, but she never returned home.

"Initially when we received the call, it was some sort of domestic dispute where husband and wife got into it, and the victim in this case jumped out of the car and that was the last time she was seen," Maricopa County Sheriff's Deputy Joaquin Enriquez explained to NBC affiliate WWBTV.

Jones's husband, Kenneth Harrison Setters, also known by the name Jack, told investigators his wife, then 39, had jumped out of their car that afternoon and ran off into the desert near McKellips and Ellsworth. While deputies questioned Setters many times about the story, he stood by his original statements until his death in 2012. Pamela’s children do not believe she vanished voluntarily. With no new leads for detectives to follow, Pamela's case has gone cold.

Jennifer Stafford, Pamela's oldest daughter, told Dateline her mother was only a month away from graduating from college as a surgical technician and was looking for a steady job. She said there was no chance their mother simply abandoned them.

"She called us a lot to make sure we knew that she was always there for us,” Stafford told Dateline. “I don’t believe she just disappeared off the face of the planet. I think she was forced out of the car, if anything.”

Pamela’s children are still seeking answers and have had age-progression photos made to offer an idea of what their mother may look like today at the age of 60.

“They did not have the technology or resources in 1993 that we have now. I’m hoping that with everything in the world of 2015, we can get some answers,” Stafford told Dateline.

If you have any information that can help crack this cold case, please contact Detective Kristina Bucaro with the Maricopa County Sheriff’s Office at (602) 876-3868 and reference case number 1993-22833.