Cold Case Spotlight


Tiffany Nelson was last seen more than 20 years ago riding her red bike in her neighborhood in Augusta, Georgia, but in 2005 the missing person’s case became a homicide investigation when her remains were found in a shallow grave.

"It's the one case that came to my mind originally. I remembered this one," Burke County Sheriff Greg Coursey told the Morris News Service in 2005.

Nine-year-old Tiffany was last seen on June 6th, 1994 filling the tires on her bike at a convenience store not far from her home. She was living with her aunt at the time because her mother had passed away two years prior in 1992. The little girl was missing 11 years before two men walking in a wooded area in a neighboring county stumbled upon a skull, several bones, and blue and white Jordan tennis shoes. Tiffany was wearing blue and white Jordan tennis shoes at the time of her disappearance.

Gary Nicholson of the Georgia Bureau of Investigation told the True Citizen back when Tiffany’s remains were found that investigators have pored through tips, but no suspects or persons of interests have been identified. "We’re following some leads, but nothing substantial yet."

In the 9 years since Tiffany’s case became a homicide investigation, police have been unable to uncover any substantial evidence or persons of interest in her murder.

If you have any information that could help crack Tiffany’s case, please call the Georgia Bureau of Investigation at (404) 244-2600.