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Young father Zachary Porter vanished on July 23rd, 2013 after leaving to sell his motorcycle in Coos County, Oregon. Can you help?

Family and friends of missing 25-year-old Zachary Porter have been worried sick for more than 18 months. Zachary vanished on July 23rd, 2013 after leaving his home to sell his motorcycle in Coos County, Oregon. He never returned.

Porter was the main caretaker for his mother and grandmother, and also the father of a young son. Family members have said that not knowing what happened is the hardest part when talking with his son. “We need to be able to say something other than, ‘he’s not here’. That’s -- that’s not an answer for his daddy,” Jamie Read, Zachary’s aunt, told KATU.

Friends say Porter left his home in McMinnville for a day trip to sell the bike, texted his father saying he arrived safely, then texted his friend a few hours later saying he had sold the bike and would be on his way home, according to KATU. However, that’s when things get foggy.

“There was a shift in his ride back home, and he was dropped off at a spot where someone, and we don’t know who, was supposed to bring him back to McMinnville, and no one has seen him or heard since,” Read said.

Authorities with the Coos County Sheriff’s office and the McMinnville Police Department have asked for the public’s assistance in the case, but no person of interest or suspects have been named. Family and friends have set up the Facebook page ‘Finding Zach Porter’ in the hope of keeping up interest in the case. Myron Porter, Zachary’s father, recently wrote on the page:

Tomorrow is seventy-eight weeks since Zachary's disappearance. That is 18 months (week-to-week; Tuesday-to-Tuesday).I have received no suggestions or tips for the investigation from Facebook viewers of this page. Nevertheless, it is important to provide that opportunity.I miss my boy. Myron Porter

If you have any information that can help crack Zachary’s case, please call the Coos County Sheriff’s Office at 541-396-7802.