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It’s Been 26 Years Since Pittsburgh Woman Terry Slaugenhoupt Vanished After Date

Terry Slaugenhoupt Pittsburgh Bureau of Police

It’s been 26 years since Terry Slaugenhoupt disappeared.

The details of what happened the last night she was seen are hazy at best.

Terry, 28 at the time, headed out on a date with an unknown man on January 6, 1991. She then returned home to her Highland Park neighborhood apartment in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania that she shared with a roommate.

Several minutes after returning home, Terry told her roommate she was going outside to make a phone call. The two did not have a phone inside their apartment, according to authorities. It was not unusual for Terry to head out and make a quick call at that time of night.

But Terry never came back.

Authorities have uncovered little information regarding her disappearance. Pittsburgh police collected DNA samples from Terry’s relatives and compared them to a number of unidentified bodies across the country to see if any could possibly be Terry. Remains in Kentucky, Louisiana, Indiana and Pennsylvania were tested over the years, but no matches were made.

According to Pittsburgh Bureau of Police spokesperson Sonya Toler, the most recent activity in searching for Terry was in November of last year.

But despite investigators' efforts, what happened to Terry that chilly January night remains a mystery.

If you have any information regarding Terry’s case, you are urged to call the Pittsburgh Bureau of Police at (412) 323-7800.