Cold Case Spotlight

No Answers in Boy’s 1994 Halloween Murder

Tony Bagley was dressed as a skeleton for Halloween 1994. He headed out that night with his family to trick or treat near their home in North Las Vegas. Little did they know, the night would end in a truly terrifying and tragic way.

A mystery gunman reportedly jumped out of the darkness and opened fire at the group, shooting Tony in the head and killing him. The boy's older sister, mother, and an aunt were also hit but survived. The only descriptions witnesses gave was the man was African American, about 5'8" tall and wearing dark-colored clothing, officials say.

Family members speculated the shooting may have been retaliation for a drug deal gone bad in connection with Tony's father, but officials have been unable to link that theory to the crime.

Several years after his son's death, Tony's father, Anthony Bagley, was arrested and convicted of murder in an unrelated case, according to the Las Vegas Sun. He remains behind bars and has reportedly never spoken to police about whether he knows who may have targeted Tony that night.

The case attracted the attention of 'America's Most Wanted' in 1996, but the national exposure didn't yield any answers in the 7-year-old's murder. According to crime writer Cathy Scott, who has been following the case for several years, detectives were so puzzled they even enlisted the help of a psychic. However, no one has ever been named a suspect and police say they currently do not have any new leads.

If you have any information that can help crack this case, please call the North Las Vegas Police Department at (702) 633-9111.