Cold Case Spotlight

A Routine Day Turns to a Mystery as Susan Jacobson Disappears

It was a routine morning for Susan Jacobson.

It was early on May 1st, 2013 when the 59-year-old from Sun City in Roseville, CA told her husband she was going to get groceries and run some errands. Her son, Kevin Jacobson, told Dateline this was not uncommon for his mother, a natural early bird who liked to beat the crowds.

Jacobson’s first stop was at Raley’s Supermarket, less than a mile from her home. Then, routine ended.

That afternoon, a jogger found Jacobson’s empty wallet in a parking lot and turned it in to a nearby Starbucks. Then later that night, her dark blue Honda Civic was discovered unlocked in a parking space outside the supermarket.

Investigator Mary Breen from the Roseville Police Department told Dateline detectives quickly began looking at Jacobson’s movements that morning. “The investigation started immediately and we started from the ground to see what the person was like and retrace steps,” Breen said.

Detectives watched surveillance video from the surrounding areas and interviewed those closest to Jacobson, including her son and husband of more than 35 years. Volunteers and police led search efforts, but few clues were discovered. Eventually, Kevin said his family hired private investigators to look for any information that could help unearth what happened that morning.

“Unfortunately, there were not a lot of really good leads and they took everything as far as it can go,” Kevin said.

Friday willmark two years since Kevin’s mom disappeared. According to Roseville Police, no new leads have surfaced and they have not been able to answer if Susan met with foul play. A detective is still assigned to the case, but new tips to explore are few and far between.

Kevin continues to holds to his belief his mother did not vanish voluntarily. “She was pretty shy and not very outgoing. She was not someone who would just take off and disappear on her own,” Kevin said. He also notes the timing, saying his mother would never pick up and leave just two months before the birth of her first grandchild. Kevin’s son is now more than a year old.

What started as shock and confusion has now turned into a deep longing for a resolution for the family. “I do hope for the best but mentally we are prepared for the worst,” Kevin said. “The biggest thing is that we want her to be okay, but secondly I think we all just want closure.”

Anyone with information that could help crack this cold case is asked to call the Roseville Police Department at 916-774-5070. You can also visit the Facebook page Susan Jacobson – Missing in Roseville, CA for more information.