Cold Case Spotlight

Why Didn’t Tiffany Show up to School that October Day in 1991?

Tiffany Dixon at 12-years-old.

On the morning of October 10, 1991 Tiffany Dixon walked her younger brother to his elementary school in Brooklyn, New York. The 12-year-old left him at the door and headed the three or so blocks to her junior high school.

But Dixon never made it to class that day, and was never heard from again.

According to police, there were very few leads as to what may have happened to Dixon. She is considered an endangered missing person at this time and officials have not commented if they believe she met with foul play or simply ran away.

The young girl and her siblings had been living with their aunt at the time, as their mother suffered from medical issues. Tiffany’s mother passed away two months after her daughter vanished.

"The last words she said to me were, 'Please find my daughter,' Norma Delgado, Dixon’s aunt, told the New York Daily News in 1999. “She was a very responsible little girl.”

If you have any information that can help crack this case, please contact the New York City Police Department at (646) 610-6914.