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Wife of Person of Interest in Lyon Sisters Disappearance Indicted on Perjury Charge

A grand jury has indicted the wife of a person of interest in the disappearance of the Lyon sisters on perjury charges in relation to the case.

Patricia Welch, the wife of Richard “Dick” Welch Sr. who is considered a person of interest in the girls' 1975 disappearance, stands accused of lying to the multi-jurisdiction grand jury investigating the case, which is a felony.

The Bedford County grand jury handed down the indictment Tuesday and a tentative trial start date is scheduled for October 13th, according to NBC affiliate WSLS.

Sheila (left) and Katherine (right) were 12 and 10 when they disappeared from the Wheaton Plaza shopping center in Maryland back in 1975.

Sheila and Katherine Lyon vanished while at the Wheaton Plaza shopping center in Maryland on March 25, 1975. Police believe Richard "Dick" Welch Sr. had worked as a security guard in the Wheaton area in the 1970s.

In February of 2014, police named Dick's nephew, convicted sex offender Lloyd Lee Welch Jr., a person of interest in the infamous case. Police said Welch Jr. is currently serving a prison sentence in Delaware in an unrelated case, but they believe he was at the Wheaton Plaza shopping center on the day the girls went missing. Welch Sr. was named a person of interest last October.

Neither man has been officially charged in the case.

Investigators conducted a forensic dig in January on the Welch couple's property on Taylor's Mountain in southwest Virginia, where investigators have said they believe the two girls may be buried. It is unclear if anything of significance was found.


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