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Boston University’s Steve Kornacki: ‘Drop Dead Fred’ Helped Me Choose My Major

When you were in college, did you ever wish you could major in sleeping — or hanging out with friends — because you loved it so much? In a way, that's what Steve Kornacki did at Boston University.

The NBC newsman realized film and television was a logical fit for him because he and his friends spent countless hours watching and debating movies and television.

Steve Kornacki: Why I Chose Boston University 2:49

"So many of our conversations were just making reference to obscure sitcom characters from the past and stupid movies that nobody watched but we all liked. This movie called 'Drop Dead Fred,'" Kornacki explained in an interview for College Game Plan.

While Kornacki was interested in reporting — he actually started as a journalism major — he wasn't sure if he wanted to focus on it.

"I had this friend who was like, 'You know, all we ever really do is talk about TV and movies. So why don't we major in it?' And that was what put me over the top on that," Kornacki explained.

"I work in television news so in theory I got the exact right major."

Watch the video above to learn more about Steve Kornacki's journey to college, along with his unique advice for parents of incoming students.