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I Got In!’ Special Needs Student’s College Acceptance Goes Viral

'I Got In!' Special Needs Teen Reads College Acceptance Letter 0:37

Getting a college acceptance letter is an occasion to celebrate. And for Rachel Grace, a young woman with Down Syndrome, the moment has been celebrated by millions of people.

Grace, 20, applied to the Career Independent Living and Learning Studies program at East Stroudsburg University of Pennsylvania, a certificate program for students with intellectual disabilities that only accepts a handful of students each year.

When the letter from East Stroudsburg came back, Grace's parents videotaped her opening it.

In the video, Grace starts to read the letter aloud, then yells, "I got in! I got into college! I got in!" as her family cheers. The heartwarming clip has been viewed more than 14 million times online.

Grace's mom Deb told NBC News she has been "shocked" by the attention it's garnered, but she said Grace isn't fazed by it.

"She just takes things in stride," Deb Grace said.

The program Grace got into is three years long and teaches students skills for jobs and living independently, said East Stroudsburg Dean of the College of Education Dr. Terry Barry.

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"They're not really in college in the traditional sense, but they get to enjoy all aspects of college," Barry told NBC News. "They work hand in hand with our students who are in our special education and rehab program."

"We're thrilled for Rachel," he added. "It's a great opportunity and we will really welcome her on campus."

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