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Kate Snow Sees ‘a Direct Line’ Between Cornell’s Off-Campus Radio, Her Career

For many students, college is a place to find their foothold in the world. NBC News' Kate Snow — a graduate of Cornell University — is one of those people.

Kate Snow: Why I Chose Cornell University 2:44

"I signed up for the off-campus radio station, WVBR. There's a direct line between WVBR and me sitting here at NBC News," she said in an interview for College Game Plan.

For Snow, it was a career-defining decision.

"I entered Cornell thinking I wanted to study the science of communication, but once I got involved I had a mind switch where I thought, 'Wait a minute. Maybe broadcast journalism is kind of interesting to me.'"

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Watch the video above to learn more about what drew Snow to the Ivy League institution, the musical group she performed with and her advice for the parents of incoming students.