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Katy Tur on Her Philosophy Degree: ‘It Allows Me to Ask Questions’

Katy Tur's advice for undergrads studying philosophy? Don't let anyone tell you your major isn't useful.

"I graduated with a B.A. in philosophy and it was by far the best major I could have taken in college," the NBC News correspondent, a graduate of the University of California Santa Barbara, explained in an interview for College Game Plan.

Katy Tur: Why I Chose UC Santa Barbara 2:51

"A lot of people in this business take journalism as a major. Others take communications," she explained.

For Tur, philosophy offered something different — something she utilizes daily while covering the Trump administration.

"It allows me to ask questions, and that is what I do every day," said Tur.

Katy Tur reflects on her year with Donald Trump 1:12

In addition, the course of study opened doors.

"It allowed me to do anything that I wanted to do. I wasn’t pigeon-holed to a certain subject."

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