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May the Force Be With Your College Application! MIT Releases Fun Video

May the Force be with MIT applicants, who learned this week thanks to a familiar droid when the admissions office will be announcing who it accepts.

The Force is hopefully with Massachusetts Institute of Technology applicants, who learned this week thanks to a familiar droid when the university will be announcing who got accepted.

"Decision Day" for MIT is Monday, and the university's admissions office spread the word through a light-hearted "Star Wars"-themed video posted Monday.

The video features a "Decision Droid" — modeled after BB-8 from "Star Wars: The Force Awakens" — accepting a new mission from director of admissions Stu Schmill to deliver an acceptance letter to an MIT hopeful.

With the acceptance letter stowed away, the droid is launched from a canon attached to the top of the university to expedite the good news.

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As the droid flies through the air, the screen cuts to the famous "Star Wars" credits theme with the announcement: "These are the droids you're looking for," and flashes the decision date for MIT applicants: Monday, March 14, otherwise known as Pi Day (3.14).

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March 4, 201601:36

The video is the latest in a long line of annual amusing videos released by MIT to announce their application decision date. In prior years, Schmill was featured in an "MIT Gangnam Style" video that riffed off the popularity of the South Korean pop song.