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Cosmic Sisters,’ Stolen Clothes: Your Freshman Year Roommate Tales

Freshman year is all about new experiences. From strange surroundings to formidable classes, the early days of college can test some students. For some students, there's no bigger challenge than living with a roommate.

We asked you to share your stories of living with a roommate — the good, the bad, and the awkward — and your replies ran the gamut.

Some students walked away with life-long friends.

Others...not so much.

For a select few, the divide was incredibly clear (and dirty).

We also received stories about the potential awkwardness of different cultural and economic backgrounds inhabiting a living space.

On Facebook, Laurel Emily shared a story about a shopping spree she just couldn't participate in. Asked by her roommate why she couldn't lean on her parents for money, Emily's response summed up the situation well.

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Thank you to everyone who shared their story with College Game Plan.

Here's hoping the incoming class makes just as many memories!