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Commentary: It Takes Leadership

<p>We need our leaders to not just give us the thought of hope, but also action.</p>
Group of colleagues having a casual chat in the office

I think it takes support for student success. Support is not just financial; it is taking the time to really assess what we need and coming to our aid when we need help. Like many students, I had challenges to overcome. For much of high school, I was living in a shelter studying by the light of a cell phone. Only with a strong support system and able teachers and counselors did I achieve greatness. I graduated valedictorian and am now on a full scholarship at Spelman College.

There are students in situations like mine – or other challenging situations – in every state across the country. Many students are not able to succeed on their own and take the situation into their own hands as I did. Many students need help from their schools, their districts, and their states. We rely heavily on our political leaders to provide us with the necessary tools of guidance and support in order to be successful in our education.

Only by the thought of a better future was I able to succeed. We need our leaders to not just give us the thought of hope, but also to take action. We need to see that our efforts are not in vain, but rather are highly valued. As students, we are put under stress about grades, finances, and our actions. Our politicians should understand they get what they pay for, and there is no chance for our success until support is put into our education. Only when our call is answered will we start to see progress.