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Gulp: These Are the Colleges That Accept the Fewest Applicants

Worried about getting into college? Here's the good news: According to U.S. News & World Report, which ranks colleges and universities every year, the average acceptance rate among their ranked schools for Fall 2014 was 64.7 percent.

Now for the bad news: Among the country’s most elite colleges, the acceptance window is only a sliver of that.

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Here are the 10 toughest tickets in academia — and the percentage of applicants they accept:

  1. Stanford University, 5.1 percent
  2. Harvard University, 6 percent
  3. Yale University, 6.3 percent
  4. Columbia University, 7 percent
  5. Alice Lloyd College, 7.1 percent
  6. Princeton University, 7.4 percent
  7. Massachusetts Institute of Technology, 7.9 percent
  8. United States Naval Academy, 7.9 percent
  9. College of the Ozarks, 8.3 percent
  10. Brown University, 8.7 percent

But it’s not all doom and gloom out there. U.S. News also broke down the schools with the highest acceptance rate, including a number of institutions that take 100 percent of students. Check them out here.