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Priscilla Reyes

/ Source: NBC News

Age: 18

Hometown: El Paso, Texas

Schools applied to: The schools I applied to are University of Texas at El Paso (UTEP), North Texas University in Denton (UNT), and St. Johns in Queens, New York

What I plan on studying in college: I am stuck between two majors right now, which would be biomedical engineering, and nursing, but ultimately I would love to attend medical school.

Status for the fall: I am torn between staying in my hometown for college or attending UNT. I have been accepted to both, however, the final financial balance I will be receiving for both these schools is still pending. Ultimately I would choose the school that gives me the best financial stability, since I will not be receiving any financial support from my parents.

What I'm most excited about for college: The thing I am most excited about for college is a fresh start. It’s a new door unlocked to my future success and I cannot wait to open it.

What I'm most nervous about for college: The thing that scares me the most is making the right choices, like “What if I chose the wrong school?” Or “What if I chose the wrong major?” I am also terrified of having to go into deep financial debt. Other than that, college has been a big aspiration for me, so I am definitely excited!

What's notable, education-wise, about my family: My dad did not finish high school, and my mom dropped out of college when she had me. However, she finished school later in our lives and obtained a bachelors degree, and is now a teacher. I want to get a good education for my mom, because we have been through so much, and I really just want to make her proud.