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Class In America: Take the Quiz!

"Who Do You Think You Are?" is an interactive quiz created by NBC News as part of In Plain Sight, a special editorial initiative focused on class in the U.S.
NBC News

All week, we'll be publishing stories about Americans and their changing ideas of class. Read them here:

Class In America: Identities Blur as Economy Changes

What class are you in? For generations of Americans, that question was relatively easy to answer. But in recent years Americans have experienced economic tumult that has rattled our class categories. Read the story.

NBC/WSJ Poll: Belief in the Middle Class Unshaken by Economy

A new NBC/WSJ Poll finds the widening wealth gap has been unable to shake many Americans’ belief that they are solidly middle class. Read the story.

Latinos Open Up About Income, Class, Social Mobility

Is the American Dream still within reach? A group of U.S. Hispanics speaks frankly about where they see themselves on the income ladder. Read the story.

Meet The Press #NERDSCREEN: Class in America

Democrats and Republicans have different ideas about the stability of the middle class and their place in it. Read the story.

Education Is Not Great Equalizer for Black Americans

Black college grads have less family wealth than white high school drop outs. Andre Robert Lee returns to his childhood school to dig deep into an unequal inheritance. Read the story.

Millions of Americans are finding that the job paths they assumed would lead them to middle-class lives no longer promise economic stability. Read the story.

What's the Middle Class Without a House?

The house that Tonya Adair's parents owned provided the family a foundation in tough financial times. Now, Adair is one of millions of Americans who lost their homes in the recession. Read the story.

For Asian Americans, Wealth Stereotypes Don't Fit Reality

San Francisco college student Rosa Chen says people assume she's wealthy because she's Asian American, but she grew up low-income in Chinatown. Economic data on Asian communities tell too simple a story. Read the story.

What Happened to the Middle-Class American Family?

First comes love, then comes marriage, then comes baby in the baby carriage. Increasingly in America, though, the middle step is missing. Read the story.

A Shifting Economic Landscape: Latinos Discuss Jobs, Income

The expectation of a better job, salary and higher social mobility is a given for most Latinos who spoke candidly to NBC News about income and class. Read the Story.

Why Your Class Status Depends on Where You Live

The cost of living varies dramatically between regions, and so do class categories. Jenny Egan and her wife left New York for Baltimore, where the cost of living is low and their quality of life high. Read this story.

Want to Get Ahead? Try Church

When Fr. Richard Aguilar was growing up, as a working class kid in San Antonio, the church was his leg up. Now, fewer low-income kids go to church. Many worry that's left them isolated. Read the story.

The Things We Cherish: How Status Symbols Change

From marriage to cell phones, take a look at our evolving status symbols and their cost. Read the story.

"Who Do You Think You Are?" is an interactive quiz created by NBC News as part of In Plain Sight, a special editorial initiative focused on inequality, and poverty in the United States. Results for the quiz are based on data from the General Social Survey, which has tracked the public opinions of Americans for four decades.