Making a Difference

How One Pair of Glasses Can Make a Difference to Many

Joe Carbone was a New York kid who loved trouble and hated school. But he caught a lucky break as a teenager: he had his eyes tested and got his first pair of glasses. It changed his life.

Joe could finally see, and he learned how to stay out of trouble and decided he could make something of his life. So he became an optician — the person who crafts lenses according to a prescription's specification.

But there was a nagging question he felt he had to answer: What about all the kids just like him whose lives could be changed with a simple eye exam and a pair of specs? Eye Care for Kids was born in a Utah strip mall in 2001, and Joe' s little clinic is about to see its 100,000th kid. He mortgaged his house to start the charity — where everything is free. And when he runs out of money the charge is $25. That's making a difference.

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