Making a Difference

Nightly Viewers Offer to Help 11-Year-Old Losing Her Vision

The precocious 11-year-old who has raised more than $100,000 to fight blindness is now getting the chance to see more of the world before she loses her own eyesight.

Several years ago, Lilly Diuble showed signs of a degenerative condition that results in hearing and vision loss. Doctors believe she has Usher syndrome.

After her story appeared on “Nightly News,” viewers from across the country contacted her family, showering them in support.

“It’s been so overwhelming all the nice things people are saying -- I just can’t believe it,” said Lilly’s mother, Angela Diuble.

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One “Nightly News” viewer, who wishes to remain anonymous, even offered to arrange for Lilly to see the Golden Gate Bridge, at no cost to her family.

“I’ve never had anybody offer me such a nice thing,” Diuble said. “And that they want to do this for my daughter, who they don’t even know.”

And she says Lilly thinks that’s pretty cool.

Several others who saw Lilly’s story have also volunteered to help pay for Lilly’s travel, Diuble said.

NBC News correspondent Peter Alexander, whose sister also suffers from the same rare condition, said when he met Lilly, he felt as though he already knew her.

“We have a saying in our house: ‘If Lilly doesn’t like you, there’s something wrong with you,’” said Diuble.

The two connected recently in Manchester, Michigan, where Lilly’s family lives.

NBC News hopes to follow Lilly’s journey as she explores new and different places before her vision fades. Thanks to the anonymous viewer, the family’s next trip will likely be to San Francisco.

“I think we’ll try to make that our next adventure,” Diuble said. “Everybody we know has been so supportive and we’re just thankful for that.”