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Superheroes with Super Hearts

A Michigan company that makes capes for all kinds of occasions is also intent on helping others.

In Michigan, one company has turned superhero capes into a big business -- all while making a difference for local charities.

Justin Draplin and Holly Bartman, the owners of Superfly Kids, make capes for all kinds of occasions, from comic heroes to birthday parties.

The company is now among the fastest-growing private businesses in the state.

"It's truly amazing," Bartman said. "This all started from my son's fourth birthday party and where it's gone from there is just outstanding."

NBC News met Bartman and Draplin last year while working on our "Nightly News" story about Heart Heroes, the organization that gives capes to kids battling heart defects. Superfly Kids makes the capes for Heart Heroes.

They say those reports motivated them to come up with the idea of a "Super Run." Folks dress in their favorite superhero costume along with a Superfly cape and run to support a local charity. Draplin calls it a "superhero-themed event that celebrates real-life superheroes."

More than 500 people took part in the first Super Run, held last Saturday in Detroit, Mich. An additional 25 runs are planned later this year.

"I think people want to do more and they want to be better people and it gives them an avenue to experience that," Draplin said. "Be that superhero -- there is no reason that you can't go out today and do something amazing and help people."