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Apps I Live By: Digital Royalty Founder Amy Jo Martin

Amy Jo Martin Jill Richards

Five years ago, Amy Jo Martin recognized how vital Twitter, Facebook, and YouTube could be as marketing tools in the emerging digital era, and launched her own specialized digital branding company called Digital Royalty. With clients that include Shaquille O'Neal (8.4 million Twitter followers) and Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson (7.17 million Twitter followers), Martin has been a guiding hand for some of the web’s most popular and lucrative personalities.

Here, the digital maven shares the apps that help her balance the books and reward employees.

To Relay: Voxer

This is the ultimate communication buddy – a free walkie-talkie. I use it daily to decrease email banter and avoid the loss of tonal translation experienced through text and email. Dodge the lengthy process of going through voicemail inboxes. Believe it or not, it's free to communicate internationally as well.

To Give: It's On Me

With three clicks, I can treat a friend, client or colleague to a drink or meal. There are many cities and locations to choose from. This is the most effective and natural version of virtual gifting I've seen thus far.

To Tally: Quickbooks

It might seem like a boring choice for an app but as an entrepreneur, it's quite handy to have access to reports and company P&L’s on the fly. Between this and my banking app, the laptop is slowly gathering dust.

To Motivate: You Earned It

This is a solid employee recognition platform and the app empowers employees to recognize and incentivize each other. Points are given and redeemed for whatever the employer decides – from a day off to a trip to Hawaii or an open tab at the local pub.

To Create: Magisto

Upload a few photos and/or videos, select your music and theme (creative treatment) and within minutes you get a highly produced, fully edited video back to your phone. Move over Spielberg.

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