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Apps I Live By: Drybar Co-Founder Alli Webb

Drybar co-founder Alli Webb shares the apps that help her organize her travel and enhance her photographs for social media.
Alli Webb
Alli WebbDrybar

Women everywhere know the power of a good blowout, which is why Alli Webb, co-founder of Drybar, built a business around the concept. While working as a mobile hairstylist in Los Angeles, Webb realized the need for an affordable salon experience that could cater to modern women wanting to achieve a polished look. By sticking to blowouts only – no haircuts or other salon services – Drybar carved out a niche in the beauty service world, and now boasts over 35 locations coast to coast.

Here, the mother of two shares the apps that help her track her spending habits and find quality childcare.

To Organize: TripIt

I was recently introduced to this travel app and it's a game changer when it comes to organizing a hectic travel schedule like mine. Being a west coaster, I often fly east for QVC appearances then take the train to NYC to visit my shops. TripIt is fantastic at keeping all my important travel itineraries neatly stored together.

To Find Childcare:

I'm a working mom of two little boys so I am always in need of quality childcare. I've been hooked on my app for a while now. The babysitters are pre-screened and background checks are readily available, which is a huge relief for me. There is a nice stream of new candidates available all the time, which means lots of options for picky moms like me. Being able to hop on the app and find top quality sitters quickly is a Godsend for me.

To Track: Budgt

I think my husband loves this one more than me. I'm a shopper, there’s no two ways about it! It still amazes me how quickly little purchases can add up. So a few months ago, my husband Cameron (Drybar co-founder & Creative Director) installed the Budgt app on my phone so I could keep track of everything I spend. I actually love it and think of it as a challenge to stay within my means. As soon as I buy anything (clothes, groceries, things for the kids, etc.) I immediately add it in my Budgt in the appropriate category. I highly recommend it to anyone trying to keep their spending in check.

To Enhance: Afterlight

I'm obsessed with social media, mainly Instagram (who isn't, right?). I love posting images that showcase our beautiful blowouts, fashion, flowers, photos of my boys - you name it! However, Afterlight takes the quality of my pictures to a whole new level and allows you to bring otherwise dull pictures to life with the cool filters and tools.

To Sweat: Barry's Bootcamp

I'm an avid user of Barry's Boot Camp because it's such a fantastic workout! I book all my workouts through their app. The classes that I book instantly go into my calendar so I don't ever miss a class.

To Book: Drybar

While it's a little easier for me to get appointments than most, I do often go to our app to book appointments for friends and to see what kind of availability we currently have. I'm so proud of our app because it makes booking a blowout super easy and quick, you can post a picture of your hair post blowout, you can get directions - it serves so many functions and clients are always telling me how much they love it.

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