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Apps I Live By: Fashion Prodigy Isabella Rose Taylor

Isabella Rose Taylor Courtesy of Isabella Rose Taylor

She’s a thriving fashion designer, a successful artist, and a published author. And she’s 13 years-old.

Meet Isabella Rose Taylor, the teenager behind her self-titled fashion line that launched in February 2012. Born in Austin, Texas, Taylor says she’s always had an affinity for all different kinds of art. An avid painter since the age of three, she began sketching fashion designs when she was eight and creating her own clothing when she was nine, after attending sewing camp. Soon, through word of mouth and local trunk shows in Austin, Taylor’s fashion designs attracted a local teenage following that led to blooming online sales and garnered the attention of established designers, including Charlotte Ronson, whom Taylor now calls a mentor.

A member of Mensa, an intellectual society for people with high IQs, Taylor is now a sophomore in college, juggling school work with a burgeoning fashion empire. In August, Nordstrom ordered a handful of her designs to sell in their stores and online, making Taylor one of the youngest designers ever to attract a major retailer and see her clothes featured at New York Fashion Week in September.

But building a global brand isn't the only thing Taylor wants to accomplish. Inspiring other young girls to become entrepreneurs is equally as important to her. “Define your dreams,” she says. “Make sure you have a clear idea of the outcome you want and then just begin.”

Here, the young designer shares the apps that help her create interesting photos and look through inspiring images.

To Connect: Instagram

Instagram is a photo and video sharing app. Everyone I know uses Instagram and it is my favorite social media app. I am a very visual person, so Instagram is perfect for me. It’s a great way for me to share pictures, connect with people, and practice my “photography skills.” ;)

To Share: Snapchat

Snapchat is such a fun app that allows you to share a quick photo or video with a friend. It’s a great way to share what I am doing in my everyday life with others by posting videos and photos on “My Story.”

To Edit: Afterlight

This is by far one of my favorite photo editing apps. I love to try and create interesting photos. I actually find editing photos really fun! I can spend hours on editing photos because this app exists.

To Get Inspired: Tumblr

Tumblr is so inspiring. I love looking around on Tumblr when I have downtime. People share amazing images, art, videos, quotes, gifs, etc. It’s great that you can customize your own blogs full of images that inspire you.

To Get Creative: Spotify

Spotify is a digital music app. I love this app because I love music and music allows me to get in the creative zone. When I am painting or designing Spotify is always on!

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